Seven Decades Of Service

Family Owned & Operated

In the late 1940’s and the early 1950’s the paper industry in this country experienced a serious marketing problem. How to get product from the paper mills to the wholesale paper distributors in sufficient quantity and variety, and on time to meet end-user demands.

According to R.J. Schinner Sr. Founder of RJ Schinner, “There was a void that had to be filled, a place where wholesale distributors could go to get supplies without dealing with minimum truck load quantities and extended mill deliveries. I started this company to meet the immediate needs of the wholesale paper distributors to serve them on a consistently reliable basis”. 

That was RJ Schinner’s purpose in 1951 and it remains our purpose today. Our customer base has changed over the last 72 years, but our company philosophy has not. It was then and is now to consistently bring our customers the highest quality products, when they need them, at competitive pricing.

Jim Schinner – Chairman of the Board



Ken Schinner


Steve Schultz

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Siekierski

Senior VP of Business Development

Jeff Heeren

Senior VP of Purchasing & Corporate Strategy

Tim Scott

Senior VP of Operations

Mike Wentland

Executive VP of Sales North Region

Michael Hunt

Executive VP of Sales South East Region

Gordon Eanes

VP of Sales South Central Region

Skeet Holman

VP of Sales North East Region

Michael Mirarchi

VP of Sales West Region

Corey Rodriguez

VP of Purchasing

John Meganck

VP of Customer Satisfaction

Ann Erpenbeck

VP of Marketing

Kim Boughner

VP of Category Management

Susan Burnley

We've Got You Covered

Today, with a solid track record of growth over the last decade, RJ Schinner enjoys a strong position in the wholesale distribution industry as the largest redistributor of foodservice, paper, and jan-san products in the country. 

With 20 distribution centers throughout the United States, a wide range of national brand and exclusive brand products available, a strong team of over 650 employees ready to serve you, and a commitment to developing successful partnerships, RJ Schinner is ready to be your business ally. 

Why Redistribution?

RJ Schinner is a leader in the redistribution marketplace for food service wholesalers, paper wholesalers, jan/san wholesalers, and grocery supplies.

Knowledge Warehouse

The RJ Schinner Knowledge Warehouse offers in-depth product information in the form of articles, videos, sell sheets, and product flyers that are focused toward assisting DSRs in communicating product features and benefits to their customers. The RJ Schinner Knowledge Warehouse provides easy access to supplier and RJ Exclusive Brand information that DSRs need, anytime, anywhere.

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