Knowledge Warehouse

The RJ Schinner Knowledge Warehouse offers in-depth product information in the form of articles, videos, sell sheets, and product flyers that are focused toward assisting DSRs in communicating product features and benefits to their customers. The RJ Schinner Knowledge Warehouse provides easy access to supplier and RJ Exclusive Brand information that DSRs need, anytime, anywhere.

RJ Exclusive Brands

Empress Literature & Video Library


Empress offers premium lines of paper, food service disposables, and gloves. Empress delivers the high end comfort and top notch food service essentials to fulfill all of your customers needs. Scroll down to view, download, and learn more about Empress. 

Empress Video Library

The Empress video library offers a growing variety of short yet informative videos designed to help you stay informed and up-to-date on important Empress product lines, including the features and benefits that will help you sell. Click the link below to start watching.

Not all items are available in all locations.

Personal Protective Equipment

Video Library


Microwavable Containers and Lids

Portion Cups

Food Trays

Foodservice Film

Toilet Seat Covers

Polypropylene Cold Cups

Polystyrene Cold Cups

TPE Gloves

NVP Gloves

Banquet Cutlery

Empress Cutlery

Essentials Cutlery

Gala Cutlery

Pizza Lid Supports