Product Reference

From information on choosing the right kind of battery, straw or cup -- to education on liners and regulations, you will find listed below for download.

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Information Here

Battery Selection

Download PDF

Helpful information from P&G.

Fire Code Regulations

Hand rubbing alcohol fire code information from Gojo.

Can Liner Info

Everything you need to know about liner lingo.

Maxim Label Changes

Download PDF

Information on Maxim label revisions.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Every year a million people are injured in falls.

Scrubbing Guide

Download PDF

The safer and faster way to a clean griddle.


Plastic Heat Chart

Will you melt your container? Can it freeze?


WOW Straw Chart

Handy reference for the variety of straws.

Kutol 688 Info

Download PDF

Formula 688 information sheet.

Konie Cup Reference

Which Konie cup is right for you?


Dilution Ratio Calculator

Get your dilutions correct with this spreadsheet.

SafeStep Buyer's Guide

Download PDF

Handy guide in using Ice Melter.


Dial Solution Guide

Download PDF

Handy Solution Guide for Dial Dispensers.

Training Videos

Download these manufacturer videos for greater understanding of their products.

Diversey RTD

Download Video

Learn about the RTD system from Diversey.

Diversy Eliminex

Download Video

Learn about this RTD foaming drain cleaner.

McNairn Paper

Download Video

Food handling saftey procedures from McNairn.