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Helpful tips and descriptions to assist you
when searching for products on our website.


By Product
Use this search to find products by product number, a portion of the product description, or any other keyword you would like to use.

By Category
Use this drill down search to find all the products in a specific category. For instance, you may be looking for center pull towel. Start by selecting "Paper Products," then "Towels," and finally "Center Pull Towels" to see the full offering.

By Manufacturer
Use this drill down search to see all the products from a specific manufacturer. Some manufacturers allow you to search further. For instance, selecting Vintage will let you choose from cutlery, dispensers, and other Vintage product categories.

Quick Order Pad
To use the Quick Order Pad, type one item number per line. You can then narrow the results down to just the items you want and add quantities for each item. The Quick Order Pad is accessible for 3 items off of any page and for 10 items off the link from the My Account page.

Reorder Pad
Use the Reorder Pad link from the My Account Page to search for products you have already ordered.

Product Groups
Once you have found your products, you can create custom product groups to refer back to. Product Groups are available using the link from the My Account page.


Match All Keywords
In a search using keywords, a product will be returned if it matches all of the keyword. If you're not getting enough results, try using a smaller or less specific keyword. If you're getting too many results, use a more specific keyword or narrow your search.

Drill Down Searches
The Category and Manufacturer searches are both drill downs. Select the high-level category or manufacturer and then drill down to the specific type of product you want.

Narrow Keyword Search Results
If you want to search for a specific product within 1 manufacturer's offering, search for the manufacturer in the Keyword box. You can then narrow your search results by another keyword, a price range, or product availability

Use Breadcrumbs
Don't restart a search after finding one product. Use the breadcrumbs at the top of the page to go back to the search results. In the Quick Order Pad, where you may need to look at multiple search results, this will save you time and effort.

365 Days of History
The Reorder Pad includes all products you've ordered in the last 365 days. If you want a spreadsheet version of your Reorder pad, use the Price Book link on the left.

Add Groups from Search Results
You can add products and product groups directly from a search results page, in addition to the My Product Groups link under My Account.